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Fantasy3.7 449 min read

In a time long forgotten, man worshipped the gods of the Orisha Pantheon.

Amelia And The Ghost Hunters

Fantasy3 284 min read

The world is filled with mysteries and only brave ghost hunters can take the risk of solving the mysteries and save mankind from evil ghosts.

Fated to the lycan

3.8 93 min read

He wants her only for her body until he fell for her soul.* Ashlyn Ambrosia, the daughter of Khalid Ambrosia is a weak hybrid vampire that doesn't act like one.

Future Shadows

Fantasy3.7 153 min read

A company of soldiers is banished from the Kingdom they were once sworn to protect.

The Fall of Nami Kee Am

Fantasy4 161 min read

A Nigerian family that's based abroad returns to Nigeria, where they live in a mysterious house that seems to be a portal to a multiverse.


Fantasy3.8 199 min read

The Sarami are evil, the daughters of Ekwensu, outcasts sent to wreck havoc upon the ala.

The Topaz

Fantasy3.9 217 min read

Scott Sunderson sees the green fire in his dreams and chases something intangible in the foothills of the low Rockies of Central Colorado.


Fantasy2 369 min read

An adventure of a young man who ventured into Yahoo Yahoo(internet fraud) using dark powers of ritual killing....His pains, his fears and enigma that serve as a lesson to many who would want to venture into it..

Sisters of the Island.

Fantasy136 min read

At a graduation party; Paula, Bisola and Valerie bonded over some guy who tried to pick them individually.

Call Me Kasabi

Fantasy4 193 min read

Kimberly is not your average African teenager and her newly discovered magic powers are the least of the surprising things about her.


Fantasy3 217 min read

'7 days' is set in a boarding school in Lagos at a time when senior students were gods and masters to juniors.

Love & Sprites

Fantasy4 245 min read

When a j'ba fofi bites the love of his life and inflicts her with a deadly poison, Gahiji must race against time and journey into the unknown to find a cure for her.

The Art of Magic

Fantasy3.9 209 min read

In Edoh, where witchcraft and wizardry are different and competing forms of magic, the prevalent notion is that witchcraft is the lesser art.

To be alive

Fantasy3.7 198 min read

When everyone around her thought that she was going crazy, she began to believe it too.

Blu Moon

Fantasy146 min read

Every 100 years, a deity is born to carry the burden of the feared dark powers of ancient times.

Stone of Will

Fantasy221 min read

A man has a calling to save the world from the disasters that come with the doomsday.

The Clockwork King

Fantasy5 152 min read

The Clockwork King is the story of Siggurd, a young man taken into the church of Aednir as an acolyte.

Silent Thunder

Fantasy3.5 157 min read

In a world where people can control elements from the weather, a girl emerges from an enormous crater, seeking to remember who she is..


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