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Queen of the Night

Fantasy4.6 200 min read

A descendant of a supposedly forgotten lineage, all Zinna wanted was the freedom she enjoyed even as the outcast the people called her and her mother.

Call Me Kasabi

Fantasy4 193 min read

Kimberly is not your average African teenager and her newly discovered magic powers are the least of the surprising things about her.

The twist to Trunning

Fantasy3.6 159 min read

They are offered an irresistible gift.........but it comes with an even bigger price. It comes back at them, what's next to do??.

The Legend Of The Orisha

Fantasy4.8 191 min read

Erinle is a young, roguish warrior.

The Last Interstellant

Fantasy4.7 264 min read

It is 2025, and the galaxy's last Interstellant surprises the entire Earth by choosing a magical vessel from Nigeria.


Fantasy3.7 100 min read

My story tells the tales of man's inhumanity to man and overcoming the evil results that follow suit.


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