Our most outstanding stories.

The Mermaid in Grande Baleine Square

Fantasy4.7 187 min read

Clotilde, a housemaid working for a noble family in 18th-century Marseille, seeks to help a mysterious creature trapped in one of the city's fountains.

Love & Sprites

Fantasy4 245 min read

When a j'ba fofi bites the love of his life and inflicts her with a deadly poison, Gahiji must race against time and journey into the unknown to find a cure for her.

The Caster Circuit

Fantasy4.3 201 min read

Three teams of three skilled magic users battle for supremacy in the largest magical sports competition in the world.

The Clockwork King

Fantasy5 152 min read

The Clockwork King is the story of Siggurd, a young man taken into the church of Aednir as an acolyte.


Fantasy4.2 223 min read

What if your soul had the ability to do amazing things? Magical things.

Queen of the Night

Fantasy4.6 200 min read

A descendant of a supposedly forgotten lineage, all Zinna wanted was the freedom she enjoyed even as the outcast the people called her and her mother.


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